Jedi Knight


Kelavianska is a physically fit male that stands just over six and a half feet tall with a thickly muscled frame hidden under an all-temperature cloak and hood. He appears to be a dark-race human with smooth light brown skin which seems to be pulled taut over the muscles in his form. Aesthetically, he has naturally handsome looks and the physically powerful build of a warrior. His soft hair has been dyed white and braided into cornrows that lace back along his head and hang down around his neck – in stark contrast with his brown skin. At the nape of his neck the rows of hair separate into numerous perfectly thin micro-braids without a hair out of place, as though he just had them done. His face is covered by a flawless porcelain mask that resembles the features of a perfect face, shaped specifically for the man behind it. Kelavianska is wearing a suit of powered armor with light grey plates lining his form and a pair of light grey gauntlets. White robes of a Jedi Knight fit loosely over the large form of the armored Jedi. Finally, clasped at the collar of the breastplate is a deep black cloak with an oversized hood that hangs down half of his back. The cloak itself is big enough to envelop him completely and drops down in a stiff line to hang just above the heels of his plated boots.



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